[Bookworm] Why Should I series [Age 3+]

I did not expect my daughter would love these books as they are a bit educational. To my surprise, she absolutely loves them. I bought a few books along with them and these are the first ones she wanted me to read to her. And she keeps on going back to them later on. 

Titles in the enlightening and entertaining Why Should I? series of picture storybooks answer questions that younger boys and girls are likely to ask about a wide range of topics. Part of every child's development consists of asking questions about themselves, their friends and neighbors, and their surroundings. Why Should I? books help them discover good answers. There are also notes at the back of each book offering further suggestions to parents and teachers on answering children's questions. 

Recommended Age: 3 and up

Why Should I Help?

Helping around home and at school develops a child's sense of personal accomplishment and responsibility. It's an important part of growing up.

Why Should I Listen?

When children are caught up by the excitement of the moment, they sometimes forget to listen—and the result might be an accident or an avoidable mistake. This book helps them understand the importance of listening to parents and teachers.

Why Should I Share? 

Tim is in trouble with his mum because he won't share with his little brother Jack. He goes next door to visit the twins. Kay and Kathy grew up sharing things. He plays with them all afternoon and begins to see that sharing makes things more fun. A football or a pet, for example, is so much more enjoyable if you share it with others. Tim lets Jack share his walkman. Later, Jack offers him a piece of his cake. Tim sees that once you learn to share with others, they may well learn to share with you!

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