[NY] Newport Green (Playground, Beach, Water Playground)

听朋友说Jersey City, NJ有个newport waterpark不错, 前几天路过去了一下. 很小的公园,但是有好多孩子喜欢的playground的设施,有玩水,玩沙的地方.设施都很新,据说建成没几个月.去的那天还没有旋转木马,但是听说还有一天就会运来了.风景也还不错,可以看到曼哈顿. 而且中国人很多, 至少看到10个附近的中国家庭带孩子在那里玩.

地址是Newport Green Park, 30 Mall Dr W, Jersey City, NJ 07310

Washington Bvld & 14th St
Jersey City, NJ 07310



"There is a playground for the kids with big sprinklers, a grassy lawn, and a man-made "beach" which is super small, but gets the job done."

Newport Green is a green space and man-made beach across the street from the Target in the Newport neighborhood of Jersey City. I was really surprised by how well the people who own this park (I believe they are condo developers) designed the space, which includes a turf-covered grassy area, a small man-made beach, a beautiful and innovative playground, a mini waterpark-esque play area, a grassy space for lounging, and a soon-to-be carousel.The best part about Newport Green are the views! Visitors have unobstructed views of Lower and Midtown Manhattan and also of Hoboken."

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