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[NewMom] 推荐一款宝宝餐具 Spoon and Fork

 买过不少种类的宝宝用的勺子叉子,觉得最好的是OXO Fork and Spoon Set. 有些勺子容易翻过去tip over,这款放在碗里很稳.没有尖的地方,宝宝用起来很安全. BPA free.

Added by Sky on July 23, 2012 at 8:00pm — 3 Comments

[NewMom] Check the Recall news

For your loved ones' safety, please check the to find information on all product recalls nationwide.

For example, once one of our friends gave us a portable crib and when I randomly searched for it online. The first search result on Google for this product is a recall information. This is scary and our friend did not know about it either. So it is always helpful to check if there are any recall information for the product…


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[NewMom] Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags

For cleaning bottle, I would recommend Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags.

It is so easy that you just put the bottles into this bag, add some water, and then steam it in a microwave for a few minutes.

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[Care] When to see the dentist?何时开始看牙医?

It is recommended to start seeing the dentist after the baby has a few teeth (in other words, before the baby's 1st year birthday). This way, the dentist can take a look at the baby's teeth and offer some good suggestions in terms of how to protect the baby's teeth.

Try not to feed the baby milk when they go to bed, even though they are little and they ask for milk at night. It is always necessary to rinse their mouth or use a wet cloth to wipe their teeth clean even though they are…


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[Newsletter] Mamafriends 101 - How to use this website?

Using this website is easy.

BLOG: You can write a blog in any language you prefer (e.g. English, Chinese, ... you name it!) You can recommend a infant/toddler product, a park, a dentist, a book, a day-care, ... you name it!

GROUP: You can start or join a group. For example, if you live in San Francisco, you can start a group for Moms in SF Bay area.

FORUM: You can start or comment on a forum discussion. You can ask any questions and also share your opinion on others'…


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[Chicago] Bubbles Academy - Creative and Magical Playrooms for Infants/Toddlers

I really liked Bubbles Academy I went there to take a trial class when Elaine was a little over a year old. There are four magical rooms, 1) Meadow room, 2) Ocean room, 3) Mountain room, 4) Tree House. During the class, they engaged the infants/toddlers in all kinds of amazing activities. They used special music effects and lighting effects. For some activities, they used a projector to produce a magical…


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[Newsletter] Welcome to Mamafriends

Being a mom can be an extremely challenging job. As a mom, I have struggled in the past few years to find answers to many questions that I wish others could have told me. It can be as simple as trying to find the perfect car seat or a nice bicycle, or be as mind-boggling as finding a reliable day-care. On many occasions I have emailed or called my mom friends with questions. And at other times, I received phone calls from friends who have questions for me. Sometimes I spend days or weeks…


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[Shop] Infant/Toddler Sunglasses儿童用太阳镜推荐

I have been searching for the perfect sunglasses for a while and finally settled on Julco Infant/Toddler Looping Sunglasses. I am not sure if it is the best, but I like it so far. It has sizes for infants and toddlers. Looping I for 0-18 months olds, Looping II for 12-24 months olds, Looping III for 2-4 year olds. There is a strip at the back that is removeable. It fits very…


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