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[Newsletter] Pretty up - Upload a profile photo today

Help our social networking website look prettier by uploading your profile photo today.

It is fairly easy. Go to your "My Page" tab. 

Option 1: Click "Settings" on the right hand side of the screen and upload a photo there.

Option 2: Put your cursor on your profile picture and a bar will show up with the words "Change your photo".  Click on that and follow the next steps.

Thanks a lot.


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[Newsletter] Build your friend network

This platform allows you to expand your network of friends with a common interest - raise happy and healthy kids. The larger your circle of "mamafriends", the more information and support we can all benefit from this community.

With a larger friend circle, we can accomplish many things such as getting to know others parents in the same region, organizing playdates, sharing ideas, etc.

Please help Mamafriends grow by inviting your friends today. …


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[Newsletter] Upcoming Events on July 28th and 29th

Please check out the Events section for fun upcoming events and also use this feature to share events you have heard about that is upcoming in your city.

You can click on "Add" in the top right corner to create an event entry. It does not have to be an event organized by you.

When we run out of ideas for the upcoming weekends, it is a great place to come and check out fun events around you.

To set an example, I have posted a few events in the New York area that is…


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[Newsletter] Mamafriends网站的由来


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[Newsletter] Mamafriends 101 - How to use this website?

Using this website is easy.

BLOG: You can write a blog in any language you prefer (e.g. English, Chinese, ... you name it!) You can recommend a infant/toddler product, a park, a dentist, a book, a day-care, ... you name it!

GROUP: You can start or join a group. For example, if you live in San Francisco, you can start a group for Moms in SF Bay area.

FORUM: You can start or comment on a forum discussion. You can ask any questions and also share your opinion on others'…


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[Newsletter] Welcome to Mamafriends

Being a mom can be an extremely challenging job. As a mom, I have struggled in the past few years to find answers to many questions that I wish others could have told me. It can be as simple as trying to find the perfect car seat or a nice bicycle, or be as mind-boggling as finding a reliable day-care. On many occasions I have emailed or called my mom friends with questions. And at other times, I received phone calls from friends who have questions for me. Sometimes I spend days or weeks…


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